Dragon naturally speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software developed for the Window-based computers by Nuance Corporation. You can use this software to access your system and write text without using the keyboard or mouse manually. This program runs efficiently on Window-based applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and many more. 

To access Dragon Naturally Speaking software you first have to purchase the product either from its official website or buy it from the physical store. Follow the easy, and straightforward procedure to install the purchased license of this software. 

  • First of all, look for the Installation CD in the purchased box. Once you are done, take the CD and simply insert it into your System’s disk drive.  
  • As soon as you insert the CD, you will receive a pop-up box instantly. On this pop-up box you need to press the Setup tab. 
  • You will then get another User Account Control dialog box. Select Yes to allow the application to make the necessary adjustments to the device.
  • Take a look at the License Agreement that appears on your screen. After reading, tick mark the checkbox next to I agree and click the Next tab. 
  • Thereafter, you are required to type in the registered username and name of your organization correctly into distinct fields. Along with this, you also need to insert the Serial Number that you get while making the purchase of Dragon Naturally Speaking. Then, click on the Next tab from the middle of the page.
  • On the window of Setup type, make the selection between Typical and Custom Setup type. You can also select the option where you want to install the software. 
  • The next screen will ask you to choose the Dragon Naturally Speaking program feature. Select as per your preference and click Next. 
  • In the end, move your cursor and click on the Install tab in order to continue with the installation of Dragon Naturally Speaking software. 

Illustrative procedure to access the outstanding dictation software

To use this application you must have to construct a user profile, set up your microphone, and fix the application as per the sound of your voice. After completing the configuration process, you can make use of your voice commands to transmit instructions to your system. You can also use this program to locate the files or launch the programs by giving the voice commands.

  • In the beginning, you have to connect your Microphone into your computer and turn it on to access the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. 
  • As a result, your system will instantly detect any connected microphones on its own. 
  • Thereafter, double-click on the icon of Dragon Naturally Speaking from the desktop to open it. 
  • This will open a Profile Creation window on your screen, tap the Next button.
  • Subsequently, you need to provide a distinct username that is hard to guess and click Next. 
  • After this, choose your age group from the drop-down menu list and click Next.
  • Now, select the region from where you belong and then click on the Next tab.
  • Thereafter, the list of microphones will appear on your screen.  Select the checkbox beside the name of the microphone that you are using and tap Next.
  • As a result, this will create your profile successfully and tap on Next.
  • Read the written text in front of you loudly so that the Dragon software can adjust the volume of the microphone. Once, the recording gets finished you have to click on the Next tab.
  • Thereafter, you are required to tap on the Start Quality Check button and later on start reading the text into your microphone. Once the quality check is completed you will receive a beep sound on your system. If you don’t get any beep sound you will be prompted to fix your device properly and then start the process again. Click the Next tab.
  • In the General Training window, choose the Show text with prompting option and click Next to move ahead. 
  • Tap on the Go button and then start reading the text that you see on your computer screen on your microphone. 
  • Once you are done with reading all the words, tap Ok to pursue further with the process.