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Does Nuance Dragon offer trial version for users

Does Nuance Dragon offer trial version for users

Does Nuance Dragon offer trial version for users

Recently launched Nuance Dragon software is also known as speech recognition and dictation software. This software for speech recognition helps to convert the words spoken into the written text. It is a perfect software for people who either find it inconvenient or impossible to type a long string of words. Moreover, it is dictation software that allows you to write any document, email, and use it with any Notepad, MS Office, Skype, and more. This product also gives access to the feature of full voice-to-text functionality. 

Nuance Dragon comes up in different versions in order to meet the preferences and requirements of the users. For instance, you may have products such as Dragon Home, Dragon Professional Individual, and much more. You can purchase any of its products that suit best as per your needs through its online store. Else you can also purchase it from its physical store. You need to install this software in order to access various features and services delivered by Nuance Dragon.  

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking software doesn’t include any trial version for Windows as well as Mac users. Whereas, this software offers a one week trial on iOs and Android mobile devices. In order to avail, the trial version on your mobile devices install the software and fill in all your credit card details. Once your trial version is over, you can remove your credit card and cancel the subscription anytime. Later, you can purchase the Nuance Dragon for further use after completing the trial version. 

Features Of Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software

To know more about the Nuance Dragon Software just have a look at the features of this product closely. This will give you a detailed description of the dictation or speech recognition software. 

  • Nuance Dragon has an easy to use interface which makes the installation of the software simpler. 
  • You can use this software just by giving the commands by accessing your microphone.
  • With the help of this dictation software, you can dictate homework assignments, emails, etc. 
  • Moreover, this software provides different versions for professionals and individuals working in different fields. 
  • In case, you wish to convert any files into PDF files than using the Nuance PDF converter you can easily convert just by one click. 
  • Nuance Dragon dictation software helps to convert all your voice speeches into the form of written texts and emails. 
  • Now, you don’t have to search the internet by typing. Along with browsing the internet by typing you can surf the web by giving voice commands. 
  • This software helps you to perform all your work in less time with less efforts as you can now use your voice for searching over the internet. Due to which it completes your work in the least time without making many efforts. 
  • Using this software you can enhance the personalized, voice-driven experience. 
  • This app further improves your personal productivity and also lets you understand your full potential.
  • Health Care and Educational Institutes can also use this advanced and newest speech and dictation software to accomplish their task easily and quickly.

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