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How many computers can I install Nuance Dragon on?

How many computers can I install Nuance Dragon on

How many computers can I install Nuance Dragon on?

Nuance Dragon is the latest and outstanding speech recognition software that can be used by the users to prepare their reports and spreadsheets more easily and efficiently. In addition to this, it also includes voice commands that enable the users to accomplish their daily tasks without using the keyboard or mouse. You can use voice commands like Correct & Format Text, Applications Open, Applications Navigate In, and more. In fact, the best aspect of this program is that you can also create custom words and commands and share them with members of your team. 

You can install Nuance Dragon on one single machine just by purchasing one license. However, you can install the license of Nuance software on secondary computers for keeping the backup. In other words, the license that you have purchased is per user not per machine. Moreover, the license speaker is allowed to construct and can also access multiple voice profiles using this software. And then the speaker can save it in more than one computer. In case, you want to add some other speaker than you have to purchase the different subscription for it. 

Simple Steps To Install the Nuance Dragon Software On Your Computer

Before installing this software on your computer or laptop you first need to purchase it either Online through Amazon or any other social online shopping store. Otherwise, purchase it from its retail store. Once the purchase part is completed then install it on your preferred system for which it is being purchased. Follow the steps to install the software Nuance Dragon via Installation CD. 

  • Firstly, take out the Nuance Dragon’s Installation CD carefully from the CD cover. 
  • Thereafter, you are required to open the Computer’s disc drive properly and then insert the Installation CD in it. 
  • After this, it will display you an icon of the CD on your system’s Desktop screen and a dialogue box will appear where you have to click on the Setup button to initiate the installation process. 
  • This will take you to the User Account Control Window, tap Yes to grant permission to the application to make the changes into the computer.
  • In the Install Shield Wizard of Nuance Dragon, you need to navigate and tap Next.
  • Next, you will be taken to the License Agreement page, read the agreement very carefully. Mark the checkbox beside I agree in order to agree to the terms of the agreement and if not mark the checkbox beside I do not agree. If you mark the checkbox, I agree it will stop the installation process. And after this, opt the Next button. 
  • Subsequently, you are supposed to fill in all the required Customer Information in their specified fields. For this, firstly enter your Username and Name Of Your Organization. Along with this, you also have to enter the Serial Number that you will get either in the Order confirmation Mail while making Online purchases. Otherwise, you will obtain the serial number on the label of the retail card.
  • Cross-Check all the details after entering and pursue further just by clicking on the Next button.
  • Consequently, it will bring you to the Setup Type window, click Change, and then make the appropriate choice where you wish to install the Nuance Dragon software file. For this, opt for the Custom type and click the Next button from the middle of the page. 
  • Following that, you need to choose any particular feature of the product. After this tap on the down arrow to its left in order to the location where you want to install the purchased Nuance Dragon product support. For this you have different options such as Install now, on a local drive, Install now, with all subfeatures on a local drive or else you can install it anytime you require just in time basis. 
  • Move forward with the process just by clicking on the Next button.
  • Now, you are required to click Install to install the software successfully on your computer or laptop. In case, you wish to re-check or make some changes in the installation settings then, opt for the Back button.
  • Once you select the install tab you have to wait for some time as the process of installation may take some time. You must not shut down your computer while the installation process is going on it might create hindrance in the process of installation.
  • As soon as the process of installation gets completed, it will redirect you to the window displaying that the process of installation is completed, click on the Finish button to close down the Installation Wizard after completing the process. 

Hence, this completes the entire process of installation of Nuance Dragon software. Using these steps closely you can easily install the software on your preferred device without any problem. Moreover, this article helps you to know about this latest and advanced speech preparation software.

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